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Education Center : AIMS


·         Our motto “schooling for all” “great india literate india”

·         To provide quality guidance & education.

·         Having competitive edge amongst peers

·         providing comprehensive solutions to your educational needs.

·         Economical

·         To promote and propagate the case of literacy and welfare of society in general with special emphasis on education and health care of the underprivileged, poor children and women.

·         To assist, finance, support and/ or aid or help in education, medical treatment, vocational guidance and training of the underprivileged persons.

·         To grant, pay or give scholarship, stipends prizes, rewards, allowances and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to help them in prosecuting their studies in schools, college, educational institutions, technical and medical institutions, art schools and other training, research, or educational works in India or abroad.

·         To receive moneys and donations, any type of financial assistance, from any individual institutions, trust corporate etc. to fulfill the aims and objects of the society.

·         To supervise the schools run by the council or affiliated to the council.

·         To direct the schools to upload, keep and maintain the standard of education and to obey the conditions imposed by the Educational Authorities of the state and the Center from time to time.

·         To DE-affiliated the schools which fails to maintain the standard of education as directed by the council. 

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