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AIOS is an autonomous body, which is established under Indian Trust Act 1882 with the object of educational and welfare to all needy people, especially for minor Communities and poor people. 

The prime object of the Organization is to provide facilities for quality education to boys and girls of all ages.

AIOS offer primary to senior secondary education, Vocational courses, and also offer sports and other cultural activity, and to arrange health camps, scholarship program, distance learning program and to support to minorities by way of provide them study material, and meal and cloths to needy peoples, and manage various social welfare Programe.    


Under the guidelines of National Education Policy 1986 Govt. of India, and Programe of action 1992 Govt. of India. It has been Constituted to Regulate the Primary (5th), Middle (8th), Matriculation (10th), Intermediate (12th) and other vocational courses ( Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India . With the help of Educational Experts to Educate un Educated boys, Girls, Men and Women to Upliftment the literacy in india.


AIOS has a Visionary, and a dream for providing quality education to the children from middle class and common citizens at a reasonable fee structure. And AIOS is a firm believer that quality education with holistic approach is the most important and effective instrument for transforming the society. We can only create a healthy society, where the people will be responsible socially and economically productive and patriotic with cultural root of the country and at the same time provide them the education keeping in view the fast changing scenario in global education. India cannot be at par with the developed countries unless our education standard becomes comparable with the international standards. AIOS has been established with a mission to provide education with a global curriculum supported with world class infrastructure, faculty and progressive management.


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